DISGOTHTEQUE – A fashion Film by Lu La Loop

May I introduce you to fashion brand Lu La Loop and it´s new fashion short: DISGOTHTEQUE?! Directed by Jade Jackman – a director who has worked with VICE, i-D, Dazed & Confused. Lu La Loop is very inspired by Berlin’s techno scene and has created looks for artists such as Grimes and Aja, Tokyo Taboo. I had a little chat with LU the creative mind behind Lu La Loop about her vision and the new fashion short.


KALTBLUT: Hello Lu. Welcome to our KALTBLUT family.. Please tell us a little about your self and the journey that led you to this point.
LU: My name is LU… ( Lucy ) I am the creative Designer/ Artist/ Creator behind Lu La Loop. I am from the UK and currently living and working in South London. Originally started out as a modern artist/ painter and then started a Knitwear degree where I then moved into various Fashion design roles, knitting, trend work and eventually ending up working on my brand. I have always jumped around creatively and even as a Knitter, first of all…my knitting was more closely linked with Fashion/ Art… blurring the lines between both. When I was in School, I joined the Oxfordshire amateur dramatics singing and working in theatre. I made a very dark dramatic degree show too and I guess this entire creative process of concept, design, music ,styling and show was all of equal importance to me.

When I first started making and selling strange and fun, unique knitwear and sweatshirts in a little alternative fashion store on Bricklane, London.. and a Phosphorous yellow furry knit was picked up and worn many times by Grimes…. I knew I had this great love for merging Fashion and art into one and a love for making unique pieces that are sustainable and can be worn for stage and performance as well as day time too…It felt important to make fun items with a dark twist and childlike nature too. And to mix the Unique special pieces with creating collections too. I knew that after working in commercial Fashion and wanting to create a more sustainable approach that was not governed by the fast and unethical fashion business I was so used to.. and after some support, in 2014 I decided I had to try make my own unique universe and get going with LU LA LOOP proper! You have to follow your creative heart… haha!!!

KALTBLUT: Why did you become a designer? And how would you describe your self and your work?
LU: I became a Designer partly because I am mad! No, It felt natural to do it but also I was always very influence by music and art and I could have easily have gone into painting, singing, dance or theatre…I think I just imagined mixing these things somehow..into fashion Design. I still don’t really define myself of think of myself as a Fashion Designer. I have a huge belief system that if you are genuinely creative and excited by the creative process, your passion and talent can mix and weave into many areas… I am excited by Artists who blur and mix the artistic worlds. I am very open minded and passionate about many things. At the moment… obsessed with Electronica, 80’s vibes and movies, Sci-fi, Japanese fashion, I am inspired by strong and experimental artists and people like Bjork + Peaches… Really enjoying my 80’s vibes at the mo too!!!

My work is alternative, techno, childlike, playful, darkly fun, exciting, sci-fi, Japanese inspired and more!! I could go on and on. I am influenced by soooooooo much! haha!!


I am really feeling for 80’s right now ( well always really ) Loving 80’s electro and dark wave… really loving watching videos of Nina Hagen, Siouxsie Sioux and constantly listening to their music in the studio at the mo…along with The Cocteau Twins, Chris and Cosey, Bjork, Peaches, Japanese new wave, Italo disco and more!! I am absolutely loving Taika Waititi films ( Eagle V’s Shark, Boy, Hunt for the wilderpeople )too for that sense of childlike wonderment and awkward, quirky humour! Just stunning. So much so that I can predict making a collection one day with this Director and his films in mind! Everytime I watch Star Trek series… I dream of designing and making costumes for them…The sci-fi cool shapes, glitter, tactile gross fabrics thrill me!!!

KALTBLUT: What’s your inspiration behind your current collection?
LU: Inspiration for DISGOTHTEQUE collection ( featured in movie ) came from me listening to Chris and Cosey ” Dancing Ghosts ” and I am really excited by the colour White. I knew I wanted it to start there…also watching Japanese horror ( forgot to say how much I LOVE HORROR MOVIES!! ) mixing techno and 90’s and mixing elements or dark with humour. Big playful shapes and making more of a NON GENDER approach. I felt excited by fun youthful logos and vibes… more street culture too. It was a big mix of creatures in one show! I like to create a concept that is super mixed. Often the music starts first and then everything comes to us!

KALTBLUT: What would you say this is the biggest influence to your design process.
LU: Biggest influence to my design process…. I guess it’s the whole creative being. The music/ styling/ concept…Being excited by a mix of cultures, music, fashion…. a persons vibe…. I like the manual elements..making everything too. I feel like all these things are very important and exciting! But like I said before…It can often start just from just listening to music or being influenced by an amazing character/ performer..and so on. LU LA LOOP is also very excited by creating collections when ready and removing ourselves from a Fashion week schedule. We are also always very much inspired by Youth! Staying youthful and curious!!! ( In life too!!! )


My Boyfriend Chris inspires me alot with his chilled and grounded brain. He keeps me going and believes in my creativity so much. I am fortunate to have such a cool guy in my life! X

KALTBLUT: Who would you most like to see wearing your clothes?
LU: Peaches, Bjork, Karen O!! I think everyone wants the same… haha!!! I would like to see more rad friends styling Lu La Loop too. I like to see how pieces come to life through individual expression!!! Also I would love to get some cool drag Queens in Lu La Loop… I am a massive
Ru Paul’s Drag Race fan!! I so badly wanted Sharon Needles in LU LA LOOP!!!!!! Also I quite fancy having Noel Fielding in some Lu La Loop!! Also I think a fun band… people who perform with fierce and passionate vibes… Hercules and Love affair would be good… Plus they recently started to follow me on Instagram… so I should try connect haha!!

KALTBLUT: Let´s talk about the video. Tell us something about the concept and idea?
LU: The concept was a dark after party vibe, seedy after hours party… techno… youthful.. dreamy.

KALTBLUT: For the video you worked with director Jade Jackman. Where did you met and how how you came up with an idea to work together?
LU: Jade and I shot my lookbook together and had connected as Jade had used one of my pieces in the past for a bands music video and she had reached out to me. I also really liked her documentaries featured in Vice, Dazed and other culture mags. I liked that she had something more to say than just FASHION!

KALTBLUT: You and Jade aka GIRL POWER.. How important is it for a young female designer/artistl ike you to work with other independent female artist?
LU: I do not really think about GIRL POWER. I just consider working with likeminded, strong , passionate and nice people. I really think that all the nice likeminded and creative people eventually connect in someway. I like to think that anyway! But yeah, working with independent artists is very important to me. The creative industries are very tough and I love to work with talented people who love collaboration and the DIY approach to things. This is why I continually work with Aja ( soul sista ) and Tokyo Taboo. We are all trying very hard to follow our crafts, our hearts and just keep being inspired! I love to see what people can do.. how we can do many things at once. It’s mental and amazing all at once!

KALTBLUT: What item of clothing could you not live without?
LU: I am really loving my Lu La Loop SPACE IS ACE Puffa coat at the mo. It’s like a BIG childlike coat and techno blanket in one. I like to hide in a hood too. Because it has neon Planet patches and super cosy fabric, it feel like magic! I love love love my white Underground/ Creepers platform sneakers. They are totally ruined from clubbing and over wear but they are like a big hug on the feet.

KALTBLUT: What does the Future hold for your brand?
LU: I will be launching KID LOOP ( tiny versions of alternative LU LA LOOP ) really fun unique and limited pieces aswell as little collections of unisex and magical cool kids/ baby clothes. Also back to my roots… UFO ( unique freak original ) By LU LA LOOP… One off special pieces and repurposed pieces…. I would love love love to sell in Japan and reach out to more Musicians…. I had Peaches buy a hoodie from me. I would LOVE to create unique crazy pieces for her!
I would love to work on collaborations too. I would love to do something with a Skater brand maybe…to create more sustainable collections..

I would really love to create DIY shows and work on my own music for this and with other musicians. I have been learning how to make electronic music… It’s so fun! Also I want to start doing pop up stores, also curating music with this and possibly a LU LA LOOP store/ cafe later on with other selected brands ……

KALTBLUT: Whats the best piece of advice you were ever given?
LU: Don’t let money dictate everything. Follow your heart… be yourself! Money has nothing to do with creativity!! Don’t do something just for the money. Do it because you love it!!!!

I constantly have to remind myself why I am fighting and doing this….But I feel so much love and lucky that I am trying! It’s a brave choice.

KALTBLUT: Where can people buy your work?
LU: At the moment I am super excited as Lucid8 Unisex Apparel in Australia bought from the DISGOTHTEQUE collection… I also sell bits here and there in Berlin´s own COEXIST. Also about to launch my online concept store. I would love to sell in WUT BERLIN Store in Japan and also H-100 Bonsai.. Let’s see!! Hopefully one day!

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