A KALTBLUT exclusive film and editorial. Photography by Andrea Ponente. Model is Jhon Brian Trugli. Make up by Artemida Arizi. Styling by Samuele Di Rocco. The title of the project “Dissonance” is inspired by 80’s office fashion combined with discordant and breaking elements, as are the choice of locations.

“I am a student of a private academy in Verona, and this is one of the many projects realized this year. I believe in a free fashion, innocent of judgments, cultured and refined. This project was born from the desire to play with dissonances, simple aesthetic discrepancies that in totality could tell a story. Nature, concrete, artificial light, the bathrobe, the unusual combination of different textures and shapes. Dissonance is the freedom to be dissonant.” *Samuele Di Rocco

Photography by Andrea Ponente/ @andrea.ponente
Styling by Samuele Di Rocco / @diroccosamuele
Make up by Artemida Arizi / @artemidaarizi
Model is Jhon Brian Trugli / @briantrugli
Brands used are
Zara / @Zara
Asos / @asos