A KALTBLUT exclusive by Christian David Aragon,. A fashion photographer & Audiovisual producer based in Cali-Colombia, has launched this new colorfull spring/summer 2019 editorial under the name of his new Project ‘’WE ARE NOW’’ an audiovisual/arts production house  which he has co founded with 3 artist whose only has passion and love for the movies, the wardrobe, design, models, fashion events, fashion brands.Ana Cristina Diaz, Jersen Pedrozo, Cora Carrascosa & Christian, have publish many editorials in Europe, Asia & America, fashion films and fashion movies are coming to a light very son.

Enjoy ‘’DISTURBED YOUTH’’ with the INFINITO Collection of Juan Enriquez, the 3 beautiful models from ‘’EL MOLINO’’ styled by  ‘’GLAM H&M’’ a story of this Young girl dreaming with 2 boys passing thru the vivid and warm yellow to the cold and metallic blue and in the end everything is regiouss with black and glam.

PHOTOGRAPHER  CHRISTIAN DAVID ARAGON www.instagram.com/christian.david.aragon

RETOUCHER NIKKI DAFFIX www.instagram.com/nkphotographyonline

Production & Art Direction WE ARE NOW

FASHION DESIGNER & STYLING JUAN ENRIQUEZ www.instagram.com/juanenriquezofficial

MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLE YAMAL GOMEZ www.instagram.com/yamalgomez

VIDEOGRAPHER MANUEL CORRALES www.instagram.com/manuelcorralees


LAURA LOPEZ www.instagram.com/lauralopez916

DAVID AYALA  www.instagram.com/david_ayala72

KEVIN MENDOZA www.instagram.com/kevinmendoza_98

MODELS AGENCY www.instagram.com/elmolinoagencia


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