Dive into Elegance: MODUS VIVENDI’s Viennese Swimwear Line – Blue Edition & “Porcelain Swimsuits” Campaign

MODUS VIVENDI unfolds a mesmerizing chapter in swimwear fashion with the launch of the Viennese Swimwear Line – Blue Edition, a highlight of the Swimwear 2024 Collection. This exquisite range is highlighted in the “Porcelain Swimsuits” campaign, capturing the very essence of summer through a lens of unparalleled artistic beauty.

Envision the sheer delight of a sun-kissed shoreline where a man indulges in pure beachside bliss, parading the meticulously designed pieces from MODUS VIVENDI. Each swimsuit, awash in serene blue hues, narrates a story of seasonal cheer and liberation.


Photography: @gastohn.barrios
Model: @igorfoscarini
Executive Production: @matusantos
Videographer: Santiago Di Giovanni
Production & Editing: @gastohn.barrios
Stylist: Martin Iglesias
Location: Pinamar, Argentina

Inspired by the ageless charm of monochromatic porcelain art, the Viennese Swimwear Line is a testament to MODUS VIVENDI’s dedication to craftsmanship. The design wizards have sculpted this collection with almost three-dimensional floral motifs, showcasing detailed vector blossoms and leaves, printed on eco-conscious swimsuit fabrics. This fusion of artistry and sustainability encapsulates MODUS VIVENDI’s brand ethos.

Striking the perfect note between romantic allure and modern minimalism, this collection speaks volumes for those who seek grace and sophistication in their beach attire. The Viennese designs echo an understated elegance, proving that true style often whispers rather than shouts. It stands out effortlessly within the floral print trend, making it a quintessential choice for avant-garde beach lovers.

The “Porcelain Swimsuits” campaign transcends mere promotion; it’s an ode to the freedom and joy that define summer. MODUS VIVENDI invites you to soak up the season’s spirit, draped in elegance, style, and playful sophistication.