Introducing fashion designer Laura Grote and her collection: Dichotomy. Photography and Retouching by Yulia Reznikov. Models are Lina Dahari and Jana Pries. Hair & Make-up by Jamie May Goldstein. Shoes by Public Desire. Yulia Reznikov studied graphic design with a focus on fashion photography and film at the University of Düsseldorf.

This collection is a representation of complete opposites and the beauty of finding the perfect middle. Asymmetry is exactly the middle. The garments are mainly playing with the perspectives of the viewer. Each perspective will look like a different piece. When each view is put together it paints a perfect picture of asymmetry. Each colour would not normally be combined with one another, and exactly what makes for a phenomenal overall image. Melting the fabrics together not only shows the climate change in terms of the desert heat that is rising but also in the ice caps that are melting. This Collection is the perfect gathering of negatives and positives that great the middle that we are all looking for.

Photography and Retouching by Yulia Reznikov / Instagram:  @yulia.reznikov
Design by Laura Grote / www.gibizarre.de / Instagram @gibizarre
Collection: Dichotomy
Models are Lina Dahari / Instagram: @lina.dahari
and Jana Pries / Instagram: @pries._.pries
Hair & Make-up by Jamie May Goldstein / Instagram:  @jamiemaymakeup