Do not forget me

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and history by Mauricio García. Model is Jossue Rendón signed to Carmen Duran Agency. Makeup by Beatriz Civera.

I remember when you told me, if you love, say it.

For you, I would give my best memories. But I can no longer hold the whole sea with my arms.

My body is made of lights and shadows. I wish I could have the power to give you the light every morning so that you can see that the sun is by your side.

Suddenly one moves away from the beloved imagenes,
you were fragile on the horizon. I left you thinking about many things. Loves whoever comes, but do not forget me.

Photography and history by Mauricio García @mauriciogarciabrull
Makeup: Beatriz Civera @beatrizcivera_makeup
Model: Jossue Rendón @jossue.jpg
Model Agency: Carmen Duran @carmenduranagency