Dobreukraine – Support Ukraine Project

“We are a union of international independent artists/creators/developers who believe in peace, together with Berlin fashion designer SOJI SOLARIN, and we’re confident that together, we can change the world, we have collaborated on a statement t-shirt to express support for Ukraine and its people as our first NFT project. The goal of our project is to help people in Ukraine and their families in the country. United with the world in our sincere hope for peace, we will continue to work to make our world a better place.”

Donation Purpose :

“This is our first NFT T-shirt which will hopefully pave the way for other auctions and further project development. We sincerely hope and will continue to work to make our world a better place.

We are honest with you, we are honest with the world.

80% of all proceeds will go towards humanitarian aid, the Red Cross of Ukraine, the Vulnerable Black People in Ukraine Foundation, and the Children of Ukraine Foundation.

10% will go towards supporting Web3 projects founded by Ukrainian creators and builders who are in and out of Ukraine right now.

10% will go towards developing our project and further implementing our ideas that will support Ukraine now, and other countries in need when the war is over.”

Twitter: @dobreukraine 
Instagram @dobreukraine

Model: Luka Bitchikashvili @lucr3z1a_
Photographer: Holly Gibson @hollygibson_
Creative Direction / Styling: Sabina Vitter @sabinavitter

Brand: SOJI SOLARIN @sojisolarin