Vibrant colours like the happiest of rainbows, minimalistic in their new design. Naturally invigorating, Bollicine introduces colored gemstones into its effervescent line for the first time, while retaining the spontaneity of its iconic charm.

With Bollicine, DoDo has always told stories of joyful elegance and innovative simplicity. Their new shades? Colourful explosions in shades of pink and purple, incorporating rose sapphires, rubies, and amethysts. Shimmering combinations with a rainbow effect where blue sapphires and topazes, tsavorites and rubies, orange sapphires, and brown diamonds gleam.

These jewellery pieces in rose gold are perfect for mixing and matching in a glossy ensemble and prove irresistible when paired with the most iconic Bollicine collections. Delicate earrings with a graceful contour, adorned with tiny bubbles, can be purchased individually and combined to create your original rainbow. Meanwhile, gemstone-studded firmaments breathe new life into even the liveliest and most delicate rings. The thin necklaces, with their adjustable sliding clasps, provide a weightless feel and cater to any style.

The three new pendants feature individual bubbles, each soldered directly onto the small connecting element, crafted from rose sapphire, diamond, or amethyst. They can be seamlessly combined with any DoDo carrier element and collection. Thus, the unique setting of each gemstone brings a new airiness, endowing the precious uniqueness of the Bollicine universe with unmistakable transience.