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Don´t Forget 1948

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Camilo Diaz Salamanca. Model is Sasha Palma signed to agency Contacto Basico. Styling by Jessica Zuluaga Duque. Make Up by Katerina Martina. Don´t forget 1948 is a story that finds its inspiration in the brutalist architecture that was developed in Colombia by the architect Rogelio Salmona. In this story we wanted to share the vision of Salmona on the architectural spaces. Democratic places where the person who was going to travel felt part of the space and felt part of nature. Salmona believed that architecture was a mechanism of struggle and social inclusion and that was at the service of the people, so we took one of its most important buildings in Bogota, Colombia and we let ourselves be carried away by the energy that the place made us feel. Camilo Díaz Salamanca is a Colombian storyteller who lives in Buenos Aires. Find your inspiration in cinema, painting, politics and life! His work is always based on a story that fascinates him and from there begins his research to be able to tell it through images. Always try to see the photo as a small movie waiting to be told.

Making Architecture in Latin America today is a political act, as well as being aesthetic and cultural

*Rogelio Salmona

Photography by Camilo Diaz Salamanca
Model is Sasha Palma
at agency Contacto Basico

Make Up by Katerina Martina

Styling by Jessica Zuluaga Duque

Assistance photography Manolo Zaldua
Assitance Styling Daiana Sanabria Sgr