Downtime by Rob Ulitski 

Rob is a director and photographer based in the UK. Stylistically, his work explores dream worlds – from nostalgic, offbeat daydreams to haunting, blood-curdling nightmares – and this dichotomy is something he loves to explore in his work. The model is Chris Mills. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Working in multiple formats and genres, Rob loves to mix pop culture and nostalgia with an abstract twist, and this can be seen in the new photo story DOWNTIME.

Photography + Styling by Rob Ulitski / / Instagram: @robulitski

Model is Chris Mills / Instagram: @csmillsofficial

Brands used are:

ASOS @asos / nNY Inc / Daisy Dreamer / VALICLUD / CrazyCandyFactory @crazycandyfactory