Dream Scouts by Migle Golubickaite

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion editorial by Migle Golubickaite, a fashion photographer from Lithuania. “Always trying to collaborate with local talents, and one of the biggest now in Lithuania is Liucija Kvasyte, amazing fashion designer, who has a great taste in mens fashion and pushed her self into mixed collection about scouts, unity, peace, love, courage and a feminine side of fashion.” says Migle. Models are Martynas Sestakauskas, Mantas Daugvardas and Audre Gruodyte @ 3mmodels 

Photography: Migle Golubickaite @miglegolubickaite migleg.eu
Models: Martynas Sestakauskas @ 3mmodels @martynassest
Audre Gruodyte @ 3mmodels
Mantas Daugvardas @ 3mmodels @black_and_wtf
Fashion designer: Liucija Kvasyte @liucijakvasyte liucijakvasyte.weebly.com