Dreaming like Marc Chagall

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Attilio Quaranta. Models are Alessandra Moretti and Luca Terminiello. Styling by Amalia Mastranza. Make up by HS Chiara Avola. Fashion by Di Meo, Sixty, Burberry, Duecci, Guess, Zara, Calvin Klein, Gina Oliva, Amalia Mastranza, Bencivenga, Paoloni and Conte of Florentia.

“In this editorial, we have represented some evolutions of a sentimental bond in a couple inspired by the works of Marc Chagall (1 set the walk, 2 set couple of lovers, 3 set newlyweds with Paris in the background, 4 the purple rooster) couples and love in one form of surreal romanticism, revisited and represented by us both photographically through the poses of the models and through digital elements such as the “moon” and the “Eiffel tower” and through colours such as never uniform blue, strongly recurring in the artist’s works and others elements such as flowers and nature. In the 4 sets, the sentimental bond has evolutions, and passes from a state of obsession and infatuation to a state of belonging and then changes again, and alternates in a pair of young lovers (models), one for the other and/or the other way around, recognizing an almost inevitable unconscious path, between euphoria and pain, visible in the expressions and attitudes, in front of the person we are strongly attracted to.


About the photographer: Attilio Qauranta was born in Naples and lives in Bacoli, a town in the Phlegraean Fields, a burning, volcanic land, rich in myths and history where art is visible in every corner of the territory. The passion for photography is born in a natural way and meets more and more interest in fashion and artistic contaminations that influence its continuous changes, determining new trends and styles that tell local and global stories, bringing photography to be more and more witness of the own time.

Photography by Attilio Quaranta instagram @atti_40 www.behance.net/atti40inoe00b

Styling by Amalia Mastranza instagram @amimastranza
Make up by HS Chiara Avola instagram @avola_chiara17_mua

Models are Alessandra Moretti and Luca Terminiello @ale_moretti__ / @_luche04 
both signed to Fashion Art Wise Management Instagram @fashionartwise