Durchlüften 2023 – Open Air im Schlüterhof


#SaveTheDate Berlin and get ready for an extraordinary experience at Durchlüften 2023 – Open Air im Schlüterhof! This year’s international culture festival features a stellar line-up of live concerts, DJ sets, performances, family programmes, films, and talks happening in the historic Schlüterhof courtyard.

You’re invited to experience the best of international music on twelve summer evenings from July 13th to August 5th, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7 p.m. Plus, on Saturdays, enjoy an open-air family programme! The best part? Admission is free.

For the full program just go to: www.humboldtforum.org/en/programm

Aolgte Oho
photo by Max Weissenfeldt

Curated by Melissa Perales, the transcultural and cross-genre programme brings Berlin-based musicians and international guests from Accra to Bogotá, from Belgrade to Bangkok, and from Harare to Rio de Janeiro together on one stage for twelve evenings. Expect a diverse range of music styles from FraFra gospel and drones to Turkish psychedelic, Afro-Caribbean transcendence, and rap from Makoboka, the oldest township in Zimbabwe.

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In addition, five Berlin-based musicians are engaging in a research residency and working with the Humboldt Forum and its collections. The artistic results of this residency program will be presented at the last weekend of the festival in the form of a joint, performative concert evening. This programme fosters a dialogue between the artists and the Humboldt Forum for the past two years, promoting mutual exchange, transparency and the creation of a sustainable dialogue that offers different positions, narratives, and references space and visibility. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind music and culture festival!


ABENEKO & The Positive Mind Tanzania |  Alogte Oho & the Sounds of Joy Ghana | Ahmed AG Kaedy Mali | AWA Khiwe (African Women Arise) Zimbabwe | BANTUNAGOJÊJE Bln-Brasil | Brushy One String Jamaica | Ben Olayinka (DJ Set) | Combo Chimbita NYC-Columbia | Chris Menists (DJ Set) | duendita NYC – Puerto Rico | DJ Dauwd |  EsRap Wien -Türkei | Gordon Bln – Serbia | Gotopo – Columbia-Venezuela | DJ Maryisonacid | Maque Pereyra (Dj set) Bln – Bogata | Merope Belgien- Lithuania | MLDVA w/ Petra Nachtmanova Poland | Austria | Bln | Onom Agemo & the Disco Jumpers Bln | TootArd Bern – Haifa | The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band – Thailand |  Selassie Bln – Ghana | Tribute to Stella Rambisai Chiweshe: w/ her daughter and speaker of the Nekati clan: Virginia Mukwesha-Hetze & former students: Stefan Franke, Camille Bokhobza, & Fabiano Lima) |  Selassie Bln – Ghana

Ben Olayinka by Nailya Bikmurzina

CURATORIAL STATEMENT – Melissa Perales, Curator

“The curation of this issue continues to create a platform for the artist’s stories to be told, musically creating a bridge for the audience to join in, listen and dance. I believe there is something to offer for every music lover, from Fra Fra Gospel to Drone to Turkish psychedelic to Afro-Caribbean transcendence and even Rap from Makoboka, the oldest township in Zimbabwe! I am ecstatic that we are again able to offer a beautiful spectrum of culture and music for free and accessible to all, a low threshold for audiences to come together and discover the beauty in multiplicity around them through music. A big emphasis will be on the relevance of “Community” in music, and about sometimes having to go outside of our bubbles to grow and heal through creativity. Communities are relevant for all artists, but especially those with migrant backgrounds, it plays a large role, as I experienced myself. Inside these communities, we find support and a family but also learn about exchange and how to celebrate each other. I am a Mexican-American curator living in Berlin for the past 27 years and it has been my honour and I feel my duty to create spaces and stages like this where the room is made for underrepresented, uprooted, and lost narratives to be told.”


Time to Air Out!
Summer live concerts in the Schlüter Courtyard
– free and open air

For the full program just go to: www.humboldtforum.org/en/programm

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