Ecstasy – ZAAM Latest Men Collection

Introducing Contemporary Egyptian Leather goods brand: ZAAM. And their latest collection for Men. ZAAM is known for cutting-edge design rooted in century-old heritage and art. Each design is inspired by a unique component of history, architecture, or events that have shaped modern culture.  All of the unique styles come with a defined shape, detailed with accents of metal alluding to a baroque art influence.

“The new Ecstasy collection is the latest men collection, ZAAM introduced inspired by the 80s classic era were a time of excess and maximalism. With respect to the day-to-day needs, we came out with three different designs the wristlet, Duffle, and messenger bag. The bags come in two main 80s colours (Beige and Brown) with respect to our vintage baroque signature style.

The shoot took place in a countryside village in Egypt reflecting the bold styles, bright colours and eye-catching silhouettes of the 80s in a very tropical mood and nature blending.”