Ed Prosek’s Top 5

As Ed Prosek celebrates the release of his latest single ‘Tear It All Down’, taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Flesh & Blood’, the Californian singer-songwriter offers KALTBLUT a personal selection of songs. “Here are 5 songs that are all incredibly beautiful and always manage to find a way to bring me to the verge of an emotional breakdown. One of them is in Swiss German, a language I don’t understand at all, and it still gets me every time. I hope it hits you as well.”

Emily King – Off Center

Paul Simon – Love And Hard Times

Wicked Game – Ursine Vulpine (Ft Annaca)

Sophie Hunger – D’Red

Patrick Watson – Beijing

“Tear It All Down” is the first taste of Ed Prosek’s upcoming EP Flesh & Blood (due out May). Recorded in Berlin, the artist has flipped the perspective from his previous work, with his new output yielding a much darker, heavier sound. Prosek brings together his singer songwriter roots and a more complex exploration of raw sound, instrumentation and arrangement.

Inspired, in part, by post-apocalyptic 2009 film, The Road, Tear It All Down tells a story of perseverance, but ultimately hopelessness. Borne out through both the lyrical themes and the music itself, it’s as if the very weight of the sound of the chorus is the burden of uncertainty carried by us all, and the emptiness of the verses, the stark and brutal void of the calm before the storm. The fear of the unknown is a palpable presence within the song.