Educate Your Ears: SCALLY

After receiving acclaim from the likes of i-D, The Independent and 1XTRA as producer and vocalist of HALFBROTHER, SCALLY is back after his solo debut BOY with a new cut produced by famed producer HNNY titled; MRZ (honest). On the track, SCALLY reveals “the song was recorded in an old hearing loss center test lab that was in the basement of this building. The soundproofing was dead good course, but it felt like an interrogation room. Nothing was coming in or out, so we had to make that happen ourselves I guess.”

“All the songs I’ve come up with have been in London. Whenever I’ve been away or back home, it’s never happened. This one is the first that I wrote back in Horncastle. This particular song is about a messy night with an old friend. The MRZ bit stands for Machine Readable Passport, take from that what you will.”

SCALLY will be performing his debut solo show in London on January 26th at the Creative Debuts exhibition space alongside some special guests. Full information here.


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