Educate Your Ears: Dear Japan

A harmonious match formed on opposite ends of the world, Dear Japan is a fresh collaboration between Los Angeles native Rey Villalobos on vocals, Daniel Jahn on synths and Tobias Rutkowski on guitar who both hail from Hamburg. Recorded in both locations, their debut EP ‘Hollow Hearted Hands’, released on January 1st 2019 via Atelier Moist, is a nostalgic, coldwave-synthpop inspired delight wrapped neatly into a 5 track package. Villalobos’ haunting vocals drifting delicately over minimal drumbeats and moody guitar riffs are guaranteed to stir interest with even the most die-hard fans of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive.

After their first collaborative live appearances in 2014 and 2016, Villalobos, Jahn and Rutkowski recorded five studio tracks in 2017. Starting as spontaneous and roughly recorded sketches, the recorded material soon shaped into something unique. Rey Villalobos is an American singer/songwriter known for his solo folk project House of Wolves, while Daniel Jahn and Tobias Rutkowski received international reception with their formation unhappybirthday. Dear Japan is planning a handful of special live shows across Europe in September 2019.


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