Educate Your Ears: Echo Ladies

After years on top of the Swedish indie scene shoegaze trio, Echo Ladies release their first full-length album ‘Pink Noise’ via Hybris. Touching on time-honoured teen angst, or as they put it, “Being scared of growing up and standing on the border of adulthood without knowing what will happen” the album showcases their mix of melancholy, euphoria, anger and tenderness in a tightknit 8-track debut.

With one foot in the 80’s and one foot in the future, Malmö based Echo ladies create their own sound of dream pop. With drum pads, powerful synthesizers and distorted guitars they deliver a desire to the future as well as the past.

“‘Pink noise’ is a setting that you can find on some old analogue synths,” they explain. “It pretty much sounds like the world is ending – the perfect way to describe this album.”