Educate Your Ears: Nixer

Following a year filled with creative outputs in 2023 and a successful UK tour with The Mary Wallopers, Nixer is set to captivate audiences further in 2024 with their second EP titled, ‘I hit the town and the town hit me back.’ This EP, comprising seven tracks, delves deep into the human condition and our interactions, a recurring theme in Nixer’s music. It has garnered support and critical acclaim from influential music figures like Deb Grant, Jack Saunders, John Kennedy, Dan Hegarty, Tara Kumar, and Beta Da Silva across the UK and Ireland.

Writer Seán Keenan describes the work: “The album began with the title. It’s a running title I’ve been sitting on for years and always felt very strongly about. There’s something so colloquial and relatable about it for me, especially being from a big Irish town. The idea of then personifying a town and feeling the raft of its hit has a very humorous but real place in my life. The record embodies a collection of songs that are an observation on social settings and deals with themes of mobile phones, friendship, lies, romance, heartache and lots more. The most important element of the record is that it opens with ‘Hit The Town’ and ends with ‘Hit Me Back’, the opening and closing tracks of the album serve a purpose akin to the cover of your favourite book. The emphasis of the record is everything that happens in between, but don’t overlook these tracks for sure, they’re important. In fact, feel free to judge this book by its cover.”

The EP was recorded, produced, and mixed in various locales including a bedroom in London, Drogheda, LA, and New York City by Seán Keenen and Simon Gardner, and was mastered by Rude 66 in California. Grab it on vinyl here.