Educate Your Ears: Pari San

Pari San is the moniker of Iranian-German born singer, songwriter and producer Parisa Eskandari. Her latest single ‘Alien’ represents the story of a psychosis trauma, as she explains further, “Alien is about a person close to my heart overcoming a psychosis induced by the ill effects of patriarchal structures. It represents the different forces that were triggered by a trauma that will always repeat itself unless it is healed within oneself. These entities have a will of their own to tame them one needs to be extremely vigilant”. ‘Alien’ is taken from The EP GOD UNDRESSES ME which will be released in March 2021 and then followed by her new 70-minute intermedia live performance, Anima/Psyche. The piece will be created by an international artist collective and presented on July 26th and 27th, premiering at the Münchner Kammerspiele. Anima/Psyche is an intense, multifaceted, transgressive experience, featuring futuristic sounds, alienated and sampled Persian sequences, and interactive visual expressive dance.

“As an artist, I am always in contact with my inner feelings, I perceive them and see myself obliged to express them and take radical responsibility for them. Due to my diagnosed high sensitivity, I am forced to permanently perceive a wide range of emotional states within myself and my fellow human beings. With my art, I want to grasp and channel the unconscious and make the collective suppression of emotional processes tangible. Anima/Psyche wants to confront the audience with long-forgotten emotions, to free them and make transformation processes visible. It is a concern of my heart to let the audience become participants and thus initiate a transformative change in everyone. By bringing together interdisciplinary artists, the possibility is given to create a new form of music performance.

The performance, presented through experimental music, visual art, dance and innovative technology, reveals the experience of an intense form of expression that reflects suppressed emotions of the social collective and is shaped by past traumatic experiences. In addition, Anima/Psyche is intended to appeal to people whose focus of interest is located beyond the media and who question the imposed social and political ways of life and attributions. The innovative fusion of Persian and electronic pop avant-garde will broaden the horizon of the current music landscape. Thanks to the latest technologies, we are able to work on and process barely known Persian pieces and give them a new contemporary musical form in pop culture.”

“The special focus lies on the new staging of Persian poetry and oriental sounds. For the research, conception and development of the performance, the common cultural and political biographies of the Persian- speaking artists Parissa Eskandari, Ash Koosha and Mehdi Moradpour play a decisive role in the collaboration: All three were witnesses of collective traumatic experiences in different times due to political upheavals in Iran; all three experienced and still experience both the history of migration and exile as an inner organic wound from which one can draw vital activist strength.

Musically, the evening is dedicated to the soundscapes of classical Persian music and contemporary experimental pop. Using traditional Iranian instruments, new song forms are developed, which are repeatedly broken up by mechanical-mechanistic electronica compositions.”