Educate Your Ears: The Wrecking Queens

The Wrecking Queens were formed in 2004 and have just released the long-awaited EP titled A Different Kind of High. The five song-EP was born in collaboration with the producer Matti Ahopelto (Zebra & Snake, Siinai). It’s been a while since the release of the debut album Embrace the Fall (2011), but the girls have been busy releasing singles over the years such as Game of Love 2013, Pigeons 2015 and Children of the Sun 2016.

“The new EP A Different Kind of High is the result of our years spent together making music. It makes the listener drift into a real life dream, where you move from the embrace of love, bitter sweet tears and sun kissed fields to streets lit by neon lights.” – Nöpsy, the lead singer of the Wrecking Queens

“Our latest single, Golden is a barrage of electropop sounds, drum machines and arpeggio synthesizers. The music video for Golden will show something beautiful and unexpected when mentalist Jose Ahonen hypnotizes dancer Sointu Pere. The result is a mesmerizing display of artistic integrity. The video is directed by Kerttu Malinen and Annu Timonen.”

You can get A Different Kind of High here or here


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