EIRINN HAYHOW – I AM TRASH (flowers grow in dustbins)

A Sustainable Fashion Documentary! I AM TRASH (flowers grow in dustbins) is a short experimental film by Jess Dadds documenting Erin Hayhows latest collection. Erin uses 100% of waste materials to make each collection. The film explores our relationship to the “natural” world in a digital age. EIRINN HAYHOW – a London-based designer label – is leading the gender-fluid high-vibe couture conversation.

EIRINN HAYHOW latest collection will be dropping online in August. www.eirinnhayhow.co.uk and at Studio183 online! Follow Erin´s Instagram for dates!

Fashion by EIRINN HAYHOW www.instagram.com/erinlaurelhayhow
A film by Jess Dadds  www.instagram.com/jess_dadds
Music by Chase Foleys www.instagram.com/chasefoleys
Katharina Maunz  www.instagram.com/13ptx