Electrosexual – Fetish [ASFR] New single + Video + Exhibition

Saturday morning techno! Berlin based electro artist Electrosexual just published his new video and single “Fetish [ASFR]”. Taken from the album Art “Support Machine”. Including remixes by Mondowski – a newcomer in the French techno scene that will have a lot of attention this year and he will play at the Mentasm party on March 21. And Henning Specht, from the band Hypnolove.

Mashyno créated the music video: it is an instructional video informing us of the fetish like an educational presentation, full of sidenotes and references.
Electrosexual Photo © Francesco Cascavilla

They are doing a release party 2day at the Bierhimmel with an exhibition of Lukas Julius Keijser’s screen prints. If you are in town do not miss it. Vernissage of the exhibition of silkscreen prints by Lukas Julius Keijser for the release of Electrosexual’s new single Fetish [ASFR] FACEBOOK EVENT
A fetish for Techno anthems NewBeat & Acid-House
▌For this second edition, they are thrilled to host the following performers:
Electrosexual (Mentasm) djset
aMinus aka Valentin Minus (Plateau Repas) djset
Samuel Gieben (My Haus) djset