Elegance of Violence by Cityabyss – An interview

#AnInterview! Poland-based visual artist Cityabyss makes it possible for her audience to forget about space and time in her digital dimension. Her works are modern vision ecstasy, leading us into an unknown matrix world.

KALTBLUT: Can you tell us a bit about your background? What do you focus on as an artist?
Cityabyss: I studied in Cracow at the Academy of Fine Arts, I lived in London for several years, now I am based in Poland. I have graduated with MA in graphics, I did a diploma in a linocut.
High contrasts were always close to me, finding right proportions between light and shadow, forms and lines, searching of forms, that build the form of the whole image.
Linocut gives these possibilities. Using graphics software I follow a similar path, but in the message I focus on guessing contemporary. How does reality affect society, human relations?

KALTBLUT: There are many architectural and geometrical patterns within your work. What inspires this?
Cityabyss: Because they fit my concept. They play the role of my graphic reflection of the present, the forms are cold, they deepen the feelings of alienation and loneliness. Besides, it is a base for the use of color and form.

KALTBLUT: What does your process look like?
Cityabyss: To work on forms that will surprise myself, when I observe the transformation process of an element, then trying to find solution with what it could be matched, is quite exciting and appealing. To start a new work is hell, but the reward of solving something is like a drug.

KALTBLUT: How do you manage to find balance between elegance, glamour and violence?
Cityabyss: I like designing tension that can be felt within the combination of visual and emotional layers. This tension can be build by using graphic elements, in my case they are usually strong, contrasting, I like heavy tones, combined with a whole range of lightness.Combinations of this type already have elegance within. I always refer to music when it comes to graphic forms. I think there is an analogy between them and sound. When we’re just near the impression of a feeling such as violence, pressure, telling a story can be visually elegant at the same time. This type of treatment is also called contrast.

KALTBLUT: Are you able to foreshadow what will come from pieces while you are creating them?
Cityabyss: In my sketches I try to capture as accurately as possible the final vision. I am working on a sketch until I feel that it is good enough to start working on large format and on each element separately. But of course I apply a lot of changes, this is a process, often a better version of the sketch, often something different is created.

KALTBLUT: Who are your current artistic inspirations?
Cityabyss: There is no just one, it is a mix of various art disciplines like photography, works of digital artists, contemporary sculpture, abstract paintings.

KALTBLUT: What are you currently working on?
Cityabyss: I am working on theatre posters, for the show series “Women about women”. Tragic heroines of epic literary works. At present I do not know whether the projects will be accepted, but I will certainly share it on my website.

Interview by Yu-Liang Liu, Edit by Colette Pomerleau



Instgram: @cityabyss

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