Elis Talis

Atmosphere! Elis Talis is a Greek photographer who chooses to work with analogue cameras and instant photography. Her work is all about capturing atmospheres and playing with light on human forms. Highly experimental, she is never afraid to try new things with excellent outcomes!



Everything surrounding her is transformed into art subjects and strangely graceful snapshots.


KALTBLUT: How did you start taking pictures?

Elis: Well, I was only taking macro photos for quite a long time. Later, I found the forms of light on a human body more interesting, so I started experimenting with it. My work consists of instant and analog portraits and scenery.


KALTBLUT: Why did you choose to work analog?

Elis: Analog is fun! You never know what to expect and the result is usually amazing. Though I have been disappointed some times. Unlike digital photography, analog creates great colors and textures.


KALTBLUT: Are you working on something right now?

Elis: I have grown a certain love for engraving lately, so I’m mainly working on it. Regarding photography, I haven’t done a proper project in the last few months, as I hardly ever find time or the models I want to. However, as soon as I return to Thessaloniki Ι am planing to do something new.


KALTBLUT: What kind of things inspire you?

Elis: I’m inspired by people and their imperfections, colors and shades around me and everything graceful in a weird way.

Interview by Emma E. K. Jones