A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Itamar Asher. Hair by Fabien Picot. Muses are Fai and Diogo Gama. Drawings by Shani Haquin.

A visual commentary on us all shedding our lockdown skins and going back into the world as queer people.
The smell of spring awakens your true self along with the easing of lockdown. our need of expression re-emerges and we are again on our path of exploring and discovery.

Photography by Itamar Asher / Instagram: @itamarasher
Hair by Fabien Picot / Instagram: @tokfa
Muses are Fai / Instagram: @fai.mous
Diogo Gama / Instagram: @diogogama__
Drawings by Shani Haquin/ Instagram: @haquinshani