Emotion Particles for Beirut

Emotion Particles for Beirut is a non-profit artistic initiative dedicated to raising financial aid to assist the victims of Beirut’s explosion last August. Emotion Particles is both, a conceptual sound library and an experimental artwork resulting from the collaboration of various artists based in different cities around the Globe. This unconventional sample collection explores the sonic essence of emotions that are interpreted creatively by each sound artist. The library presents +120 sound samples; the main genre is electronic, varying from ambient, experimental, electro, and techno; the samples include rhythms, pads, melodies, vocals, drones, and sound effects. From Particles to manifold structures, from individuals to communities, the project wants to be a means to generate empathy in a social environment that mainly favours singularity over collectivity. The funds raised are sent to LIVELOVELEBANON. 

Collaborators: AGF, Andrés Jaén Viera, Gioele Bertin, Kör Boira, Pablo Denegri, Victor Casado Morante, Wild Anima, Marco Falciano, Timo Preece, Monica Montanari, Asphixia Group, Claudine Fanilia, Daniel Pernas Gorostiaga, Francesco Scolieri, and Elia Cordaro.

Buy Emotion Particles for Beirut here: https://emotionparticles.bandcamp.com/releases