A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Andrew Tarnawczyk. Creative Direction & Styling by Veronica Gabbana. Model is Shannon Huitema signed at Premier Model Management. Fashion Assistant & Model Cristina Reguero.

LILI ZHAO White Pleated Dress
JAKHU STUDIO 0 1 2 Collection Sami Silver Earrings
“My first series of enigmatic stories merged with lucky number 37: interpretations, dreams, portraits and visions flew with the most enigmatic insights. The techniques used were made with a long exposure, using both digital and analogue cameras; the lights you see appearing on most of the pictures are free to light drawings with mine hands and Andrew’s hands. Similar to Picasso lights drawings. My works are a mix of art, fashion and surrealism.” *Veronica Gabbana 
LILI ZHAO White pleated dress
LAURA GALASSO SoftDream Shell Pearl Necklace
LAURA GALASSO SoftDream Shell Pearl Drop Earrings
LAURA GALASSO SoftDream Pearl Ring TOM FORD Metallic Leather Point Toe Pumps

LAURA GALASSO SoftDream Hand Circle Pearl Earrings
VINTAGE Market Cartel Bag

16ARLINGTON Sequins Shiffon Midi Dress
YVES SAINT LAURENT Metallic Silver Bag
CHANEL Fingerless Metallic Leather Gloves

MAX ZARA STERCK Ci-De-Là Blackless Black Dress
CHANEL Metallic Silver Tote Bag with Chain
ISSEY MIYAKE Pleats Please Pleated Sun Hat

LAURA GALASSO SoftDream Shell Earrings
SAINT LAURENT Virgin Wool Blazer

ISSEY MIYAKE Pleats Please Black Pleated Dress
CHANEL Fingerless Metallic Leather Gloves
JAKHU STUDIO 0 1 3 Collection Silver Earrings
BORSALINO Lauren Black Hat

ISSEY MIYAKE Totokaelo Grey Black Orbit Hat
ANDREA ROMAN Trousers Grey/Nude Tulle
JAKHU STUDIO Circles Pendant Earrings

Creative Direction & Stylist by Veronica Gabbana / Instagram: @the_veronique
Photography by Andrew Tarnawczyk / www.andrewtarna.art / Instagram: @andrew.tarnawczyk
Model is Shannon Huitema signed at Premier Model Management
/ Instagram: @shannonhuitema
Fashion Assistant & Model Cristina Reguero / Instagram: @xtinareguero

Veronica Gabbana is a creative director, stylist and artist based in London. Originally from Venice, Italy, she moved to London in 2014 and started her studies at London College of Fashion. Since a teenager, she cultivated her passion and fascination to the visual, history, art and concept. The images and portraits she represents, translate complex dialogues between visions, dreams and undiscovered worlds.

The unseen is so captivating and such a nice pleasure, it must be privileged.   
Her background began with a history of art, model and photography, and then she worked for various luxury fashion houses in London. She worked for artists, productions and fashion magazines including British Vogue and Glass Magazine.