Entanglement. A storytelling collection by Kate Kwiatkowsky and Natasza Rogozińska

all pieces by Kate Kwiatkowsky and Natasza Rogozinska

KALTBLUT presents: Entanglement – a storytelling collection by Kate Kwiatkowsky and Natasza Rogozińska. “It was created from post-shopping memories of individuals, inspired by the way advertisement plays with our self-esteem and how society and shopping policy labels women as certain types of clients. Our assumption is a collection where garments will be a distressing comment of incessantly disappearing human element and disconnection from our basic instincts. The project was based on the idea of confronting global fashion market and its constantly evolving pace of mass production with personal stories of people from our surroundings – their experiences with individual pieces of clothing. “Models are Agnieszka Budnik, Aleksandra Jankowiak and Jakub Kuczak-Kuziak. Make Up by Angelika Nakonieczna. All pieces by Kate Kwiatkowsky and Natasza Rogozinska

“We united the issues of outstanding speed in the whole global fashion industry and its impact on life of an individual by intimate talks with people who shared their stories and their clothes with us. Clothes that were no more in use, often of poor quality, without emotional value, items that were bought in a rush and quickly forgotten. Collection was based on combining those personal stories with the attempt to illustrate this characteristic disquieting emotional state, that we are constantly in because of the system of fast production and fast-paced way of living. We also used bag-shaped emroided masks to illustrate how easy we can get labeled by others just by what we wear.”

shoes by Vagabond shoes by Nike

Photography by Kate Kwiatkowsky / Instagram: @kate_kwiatkowsky

Models are Agnieszka Budnik / Instagram: @diskoponadwszystko, Aleksandra Jankowiak / Instagram: @olaluciola, Jakub Kuczak-Kuziak / Instagram: @jeong_haechan

Make Up by Angelika Nakonieczna / Instagram: @angelika_makeupartist

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