EP Premiere: ReeLiv – ‘ReeLiv’

Anonymous duo ReeLiv release their self-titled debut EP, ‘ReeLiv’. Producing a modern but progressive sound, the producer pair effortlessly fuse their individual sounds with distinctive, almost genderless, vocals. The new-age pop vocalist delicately rides high in the mix, with a seamless creation of East meets West. Heavily influenced by their background, the melody meets an eerie spirituality that is usually hard to create in such accessible lyrics.  “It’s OK to falter. OK to fall. That’s how we figure. How to stand tall’

The two-track EP, ‘Gotta Fall Sometime’ and ‘Fuel to the Fire’, explore realms of self-doubt, direction, and confusion. Underpinned by a sad beauty, ReeLiv achieves a sense of euphoria that you can’t quite put your finger on. Inspired by Cashmere Cat, Miles Davies, Joni Mitchell, Mura Masa and Nandini Srikar, ReeLiv draw from a varied palette and their different walks of life, creating a stellar and sophisticated sound. Close your eyes and simply listen to this credible and refreshing duo who are focused on nothing but the music.


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