EP Premiere: Takykardia – ‘Takykardia’

‘Takykardia’ is the debut EP by Danish trip-soul outfit Takykardia. With a name taken from the Finnish word for “an abnormally rapid heart rate” the quartet presents a genre-breaking and playful universe with Luna Matz’s seductive voice in the lead. Both ‘Navigate’ and ‘Arrhythmia’ from the EP were featured on the original soundtrack of Danish/Dutch/Swedish movie ‘Holiday’ that just premiered at The 2018 Sundance Film Festival. With completely different backgrounds in classical music, art-punk, jazz and performance art Takykardia emerged with inspiration from nature documentaries, trip-hop and a mutual devotion towards captivating aesthetics. The band put forward the theme of never-ending and constantly changing love in the form of their self-titled EP below.

Photography by Ali Asperheim