A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Thilo Lehnert. Creative Direction and Styling by Laura Hanns. The model is Courtney Frances. Make-up by Anna Maas. 3D art by Arjintai. Fashion Brands are used Cate Sarci and Gucci.

“This project was all about experimenting and experimenting with a virtual world that does not reflect reality. It breaks through reality with a garment of Cate Sarci which was selected for the Central Saint Martins light show at the fashion show in London.

ESCAPISM is visualizing the fight against our current system. It implies the tendency to evade the real world looking for desired security and tranquility in a fantasy world. A fantasy world that is shaped by our deepest desires, and wishes but also the dark sides that our society escapes talking about. We as individual young creatives love to escape reality and get lost in the fantasies of our own thoughts. Thoughts that only you understand. Our society has always formed a standard of what people should look like—a standard which many young people are suffering from.

We haven’t shown the ideal body ideal. The ‘ideal’ body type is not even given with this garment. The typical environment is not given. It shows an environment that appears surrealistic with shapes in chrome in a black space. The black space is reflecting our negative thoughts, our own suffering which no one will understand except yourself. Chrome shapes that are thrifting through space are our deepest desires. Our wishes to improve our society and it permits a transient relief from your conditions, allowing you an opportunity to re-energize your batteries before you jump in with both feet. This project was a huge step in a more positive world and to challenge myself with a virtual artwork that I have never worked on before. It challenged my thoughts and my mind and helped to me become more self-reliant in the work I am doing and experiencing on a day to day base.


Creative Director and Styling: Laura Hanns / Instagram: @laurahanns
Photographer: Thilo Lehnert / Instagram: @thilo_lehnert
Model: Courtney Frances / Instagram: @courtneyfrances_
MUA: Anna Maas / Instagram: @anna.maas.mua
3D artist: Arjintai / Instagram: @arjintai
Assistant: Theresa Winkelspecht / Instagram: @theresa_wsp

Fashion Brands are used Cate Sarci and Gucci

Instagram: @catesarci, @gucci