Fresh out of the oven: Evvol – Speedboat

This music video for Evvol, sees ‘High Intensity Dyke’ roam the streets of Berlin, beckoning to her locked-down brood and spreading her sexual sutra to awaken then from their slumber. Evvol are Jane Arnison and Julie Chance. The new video is directed by Matt Lambert, co-directed by Julie Chance.

We are always motivated to create work that represents us. As queer women often our sexuality is presented through a male gaze or in dramatic context — one that’s serious or heartbreaking. This was a moment for us just to enjoy being irreverent and playful with our sexual energy, particularly as spring was emerging and lockdown restrictions were easing. 
This is us taking control of our own narrative and is in itself a political act. 
This film is an escapist moment of relief from the turbulent moment we’re all together in…