Exclusive Mixtape: 8-Bit Mullet

Time for a fresh mixtape to prepare you for the weekend! ‘Console Wars’ is 8-Bit Mullet’s latest mixtape, blending nearly 30 minutes of retro video game soundtracks with songs from the 80’s and 90’s. It calls the listener back to a time when Nintendo and Sega commercials were proclaiming their respective consoles’ superiority and lambasting their opponents in a manner not unlike political campaigns. It was recorded live (mostly) using Serato, and includes music from over X classic video games.

K.K. Good Day (Animal Crossing vs Ice Cube) – Botanic Sage
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme – Will Smith
C.R.E.A.M.T.R.A. (CONTRA vs Wu-Tang Clan) – Safety Words
Street Fighter II DJ Remix – Scratch Bastid
The Legend of Zelda (Hip-Hop Beat Remix) – KingInfamous118
How Low (Can You Go) – Ludacris
Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio
Sock It 2 Me – Missy Elliot
Aquatic Ambience (Donkey Kong Country Trap Remix) – FoxyPanda
Macula’s Theory – Big Daddy Kane
I Wanna Get High – Cypress Hill
Cold Places – Ice Cube
Shoop – Salt-N-Pepa
Gargoyle’s Quest – Capcom
Rambo – C-64 Games Soundtracks, Vol 2
Poor Side of Town – Grim Delarosa
Sonic the Hedgehog – Sega
Nintendo Mii Channel Trap Remix – YaBoyJDub
Friends – Whodini