Exclusive Mixtape: Aadae

Aadae’s sound is that of the diaspora and congregation. Making music that crosses boundaries and genres, she is impossible to categorise. Born in Nigeria but raised in Peckham – she embodies the spirit of both – taking inspiration from a childhood where money was scarce, and from an inner-belief that underpins everything she does. Her songwriting speaks of family parties spent listening to high life and Afrobeat, long nights in South London dancing to UK garage, and an innate love of the impact pop songwriting can have. Aadae’s mix is a glorious personal selection, representing her West African background and British upbringing.

Call this a pick’n’mix of music that has ever made me think, smile, laugh, cry or dance. It’s a snapshot into the place I call home, the people I grew up with, what I watch on telly, the raves I went to, and the list goes on…This mix is as much a celebration of my West African background as it is my British upbringing. This is London through my eyes.

Catch Aadae headlining Archspace London on the 18th October