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Exclusive Mixtape: Agar Agar

Parisians Agar Agar have put together this week’s heavenly mixtape, perfect to take care of your best afternoon’s naps!* “Let the last rays of sunshine burn the skin of your face, close your eyes, open your mouth. Woooooorld triiiiiiip”.

1. Lansine Kouyate & Sissokho Yakhouba – Bimba (Motherlode’s 606 simple edit)
Mali traditionnal music is obviously one of the most beautiful and psychedelic in the entire surface of the planet. So let’s begin here. The weather is always sunny. Hot. Dry. You sweat and you love it.

2. µ-Ziq – Iesope
Okay, now it rains, under a dark ceiling made of clouds, which never really evaporates. But it’s okay. Time now to listen to that special kind of bad feelings that warms up your heart. Nostalgia, sweet melancholy, and all that stuff that makes english literature and music so good.

3. Carla dal Forno – What You Gonna Do Now
Let stay in Europe for a while. Chill in Berlin. Feel the strength of love and architecture. Be happy, then depressed, then super happy, then super depressed, then crazy happy, then hardcore depressed, then maybe die, or whatevs.

4. Bernard Fevre – Pendulum
I love France, motherfuckers. Here is why.

5. Dean Blunt – The Pedigree
It’s raining again. Nooooo waaaaay. Yes, way. Your feelings are hurt but you don’t cry. That’s your eyes that are crying. Dean Blunt is the real dope you need for your biggest parties

6. Disasterpeace – Beacon
You take the boat to US East Coast. Smart music, isn’t it ? No, just beautiful. And smart. I love video games. Not playing them, just listening.

7. Carsta Ceder – Schlaflied für Oceane
Okay let’s go sleep in Germany. After a good dreamy sleep, you wake up in the middle of a romantic cabbage field. You decide to gather your stuff, and fly to Japan. If you wanna go there by flying saucer, go to song number 9. If you wanna take the plane 1st class, go to song number 8.

8. Midori Takada – Mr. Henri Rousseau’s Dream
A gentle and soft hand petting a bold crane. Really really slowly. 3d like.

9. Michio Miyagi – Masterpieces of Koto
Koto music is so best way to finish a mixtape to make you fall asleep

* “More than 80 % of the songs were slowed down. Feels better.”