Exclusive Mixtape: Fardust

Bologna-based duo Fardust deliver a taster of their upcoming EP Yama with a specially curated mix including San Holo, Hurley Mower, Luude, and… Aretha Franklin. After originally meeting a few years ago in a local orchestra, Fardust took form when Riccardo and Federico decided to focus on a different aspect of music, embracing the new era of electronic sounds. Taking inspiration from jazz and hip-hop, their first EP Shimmer/Moondance was released on Cascade Records. “From that point we tried to push ourselves even further, shaping our sound and evolving it to fit even better our passion of creating something unique and that, not only us, but anyone can feel and relate to.” the two explain, “This project took us a lot of effort and time because we wanted to shape even more our sound showing something new to the world. We took the core elements of our previous EP and we mixed them with new and more personal ones, trying to create a cohesive body of work. While electronic sounds dominate the choruses, strings, horns and classical instruments are the protagonists of the verses. Yama is a trip through a natural environment where all our sounds have their own place and tell their own story.” Yama is to be released November 23rd on Cascade Records.

“With our Yama EP we wanted to create an immersive atmosphere that surrounded the listeners with electronic soundscapes. We took this idea and applied to our mix, which includes quiet and calm breaks accompanied by more intense moments. It features songs from our discography and other singles by artists such as San Holo and What So Not Future stuff: During the past month, we worked on a new song called “Nightfall Rush” that we can’t wait to release! For this track, we went back taking inspiration from our first EP Shimmer/Moondance. We took those jazz and funky elements and we blended them with strong basslines and brass shots!”

‘Komorebi’ is taken from the upcoming EP Yama and is available now
Stream, download, share: https://fanlink.to/fardust-komorebi


Photo credits: Federica Ligi