Exclusive Mixtape: Ice_Eyes

Following their recent release “Vicious Circles” on Athens-based label Hypermedium Ice_Eyes recorded a dedicated mix for KALTBLUT, while they are preparing new remixes to be released soon. With this mix, the Athenian duo is envisioning a club life modernity by exposing experimental and leftfield forms of power and dynamic compositions. Each piece of music is echoing of raw and sharp materials. Digital distortion layering, angular bangers, breakcore, super compressed hard kicks, ace amen break/vocal manipulation, bass, and jungle remnants. The whole mix is embracing new bold dimensions of what’s called experimental club against all forms of conservatism, fears, and uncertainties.

Athens-based artists Anastasios Tatsis and Spiros Alfa started their relationship as Ice_Eyes members some years ago. Together they produce leftfield electronic music forms. Both artists are constantly experimenting with modern club territories, techniques, and atmospheres. Their favorite palette of materials consists of advanced dynamic sound motifs, sub-zero pitched bass drops, and rhythmic alchemies.

Having released music on Seagrave [UK], Genot Centre [Czech], ANBA[Cairo], TAR [USA, Los Angeles], Ernest D. Tapes [France], and recently on Hypermedium [Athens] their material is sculpted and emerging from a vast community of innovative artists. Also, their material is listed on many VA compilations on labels such as Low Income $quad, Gin & Platonic, Nous Disques, Comic Sans Records, Trial & Error, Radio Kapital, etc.

Their music has been remixed/reformed from worldwide emblematic artists like ZULI, Renick Bell, Gallen Tipton, ABADIR, Mang, CXLO to mention a few, while their material is featured frequently in DJ sets/Radio shows of Lee Gamble, HELM, Szare, Endgame, Grahan Dunning, Bapari, Lawson Benn (Public Order), Skyapnea, PBDY, and others.

The prolific duo is currently hosting regular shows on Ma3azef Radio (Tunis, Cairo), Threads Radio (UK), and Movement Radio (Movement Festival’s Radio slot, Athens), while they occasionally stop by NTS, Rinse France, Noods, and other Radio stations/ hubs to spin new music.

Keep up with Ice_Eyes: https://linktr.ee/Ice_Eyes