Exclusive Mixtape: Keeno18

Keeno18, the latest star on Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic Records, shares his epic Purgatory mix to celebrate the release of his debut album, ‘Hidden Temple’. Keeno18, also known as Reginald James Johnson, was the youngest contestant to win Nickelodeon’s Legends of the Hidden Temple. He completed the Shrine of the Silver Monkey with one second to spare and in that quantum moment, Keeno18 was born. ‘Hidden Temple’ is the second release from the strikingly bizarre 2016 release ’Channel 18’, which created the tone for the Keeno18 musical signature. He blends a sick sense of humour with heartfelt emotions, textured over a warm plate of GET LOOSE. Perhaps the most captivating aspect is the fluidity throughout the album, like coming across a transparent reality in the middle of the Rain Forest Cafe.


Hidden Temple is out today via Ultramajic Records