Exclusive Mixtape: Manakin

London-based electronic musician Manakin gears up for the release of Dirty Circus – Kill The King (Manakin’s Acid Factory remix) out on 19th June 2020 via Clap It Off with “Pipridae 001”, the first in a mix series that offers insight into the music that inspired him. With many years experience, Manchester-born producer Ant Hickman is encapsulating influences of techno, house and rave within his sound. The fusion of breakbeats, organic textures and euphoric moments allows Manakin’s dance-floor ready, retrospective tracks to pack a punch full of energy. Alongside remixes and debut releases, an audio/visual show is in the process of being built with the intention of performing live once so-called “normal life” resumes. 

On the mix, “During this time in quarantine, I have been able to take a step back from the hectic rat race of London life and focus on my passion. After a couple of years developing my sound, I have finally tied up some loose ends with a batch of new music made in the comfort of my new house. It’s strange how things work with a few life changes recently and with this time to be creative every day, it feels like I can finally breathe the passion for electronic music. When asked to do this mix I felt that it was a way of opening the account and giving people an insight into influential artists and tracks that have played a part in the sonic makeup of Manakin. The mix takes a step into the DNA of the sound palette of the project combining melodic techno and house, rave vocals, jungle breaks and house/garage sensibilities. The ‘Pipridae’ mix series is a bi-monthly insight into the music that has inspired Manakin and will form the foundations for DJ sets, whether online or maybe in a club soon.”

Keep an eye for Manakin’s debut release of the ‘Abode EP’ in Summer 2020