Exclusive Mixtape: Mike Rogers

After the success of their debut EP Loose Ideas, Mike Rogers return to BMKLTSCH RCRDS with the new single ‘Over Love‘ featuring Carmen Rose. An outcome of two minds from different worlds overlapping in the territory of songwriting and producing, Mike Rogers is something quite unique. Teaming up with personal favourite songwriters and singers, Mike Mago and Rogerseventytwo are in a place where the result of the creative tension between the two forces is never a concession, but a new adventurous combination of the unknown for both. Showcasing the meeting of two minds, with songs from Little Dragon, KAYTRANADA, Baauer, Bearcubs and Theophilus London & Tame Impala, their mix is a seamless merging of killer influences.

“We both have a strong opinion about how we’d like to see and do things. This manifest itself in productions, creative aspects like photography/video and, like you can imagine, also when it comes to making mixes. But somewhere in the middle we always agree about the outcome and most of the times we have the same intentions but just explain it differently. Like a well-balanced relationship. The mix for KALTBLUT is an example of our different approaches and styles in music, but when it comes together it makes sense. There is a red line within all the genres we pass. That’s how we surprise each other and that’s how we hope to surprise you as well.”

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