Exclusive Mixtape: Sherry S

Bristol-based DJ/ producer Sherry S kicks off April with an exclusive bass-heavy mix filled with bangers you wish you could dance to in a club. The mix reflects Sherry’s talent of seamlessly fusing elements of different genres, ranging from groovy tech house to dubstep, drum’n’bass and garage to jungle. We briefly caught up with Sherry to talk about the mix, her approach to music and how the industry is evolving.

Listen to Sherry’s dynamic mix below and read our short q&a with the versatile DJ.

KALTBLUT: Hey Sherry, how are you doing? How’s the sunny weather treating you?

Sherry S: Hey. I’m doing good thank you, I am absolutely loving this sunny weather, it has literally injected a bit of life and happiness into me and the rest of the country I think! Everyone is so glad to get that gloomy lockdown winter out of the way and have a fresh new season of change.

KALTBLUT: Can you tell me a little bit about what inspired the mix and what made you choose those tracks?

Sherry S: Dancing in the rave – that is everything that inspired this mix. Imagining the feeling of hearing the tunes in the club, having a dance, being with friends, feeling happy, gassed up, and riding the wave.

KALTBLUT: With there currently being no events and hardly any legal options to play gigs, has your approach to making and mixing music somehow changed?

Sherry S: Not particularly to be honest with you, when it comes to making mixes or music I always have the dancefloor in mind, I always imagine what it would feel like to hear the music in the dance. I honestly can’t wait for events to be back, it’s gonna so, so good.

KALTBLUT: You and your boyfriend run the label, Cocobolo Sound. What releases are coming up on the label?

Sherry S: Oh we have lots of exciting bits coming up out on the label, releases are on the way from Killjoy, Samurai Breaks & T-Man, our first vinyl is on route, we’ve got an album from Crown Duels, a collaboration from me, Fish & Killa P, plus lots more bits in the pipeline too, covering a wide range of underground UK genres.

KALTBLUT: You have often spoken up on equality, especially in the music industry. Have you seen the industry and scene change and become more equal and tolerant within the last year? 

Sherry S: I think there is some progress, but it’s very slow and gradual. Although, there are certain collective’s/event brands that are doing the most! Gotta give an honourable mention to Keep Hush, they put a lot of effort and time into creating positive change in the underground UK music scene.

KALTBLUT: You’re based in Bristol, where there are several protests at the moment. How does politics influence your music and approach in the music industry? 

Sherry S: I wouldn’t say politics affects the music I play / or make but I would say that it must affect my approach to the music industry without me really realising. As it affects my approach to life. I’m a strong willed, left-wing, opinionated northern gal and I always wear my heart on my sleeve. I believe you should always stand up for what’s right, and call out the fuckries when you see them.

Feature photo by Fish