Exclusive Mixtape: Uferkind

As part of the collective Das Kollektive Bewusstsein Uferkind has been organizing events, parties and festival around Berlin for the past 5 years. About 3 years ago he started djing at these events and various clubs, festivals and parks, under the Uferkind moniker: as the name in German implies, Uferkind is the pseudonym of a child who grew up on a riverbank. As a DJ, Uferkind channels and redirects many different deep currents of music in order to create a profound auditory journey. The ensuing river of sound comes in waves of downtempo, electronic body music and an occasional drop of hip-hop.

“The music I play is always somewhat slow, but this mix feels quite a bit faster than my usual stuff. It’s got a bunch of dirty post-punky disco beats with stinging synths and poppy vocals — some French, Portugese, Japanese and English. The whole thing can definitely be a bit intense for chilling at home alone, but I can picture it being fun to listen to when getting ready for a night out or so. Or just a good headphone trip.”