Exclusive Mixtape: Vudufa

In celebration of their just-released EP ‘South American Loa’, Vudufa recorded this mixtape which features four of their new tracks and lots of other songs by their fellow Peruvians who represent the country’s electronic music scene – including the worldwide known duo Dengue Dengue Dengue and also aspiring producers like Santho Mhiércoles, Orieta Chrem and Lukrø. The mixtape showcases different kinds of Latin American rhythms reinterpreted by means of modern electronic/club beats.

Vudufa is a brand new project by two Peruvian producers (Pounda & NoModico) who explore the connections between Latin American genres and Afro-Peruvian rhythms and intertwine the outcomes with electronic music. Their releases always present a very distinctive nod towards Peru’s African heritage – a feature that is represented not only by the sound but also by numerous references to the Voodoo religion which you can spot in the artworks, titles of the tracks and, obviously, name of the duo as well which was created as a fusion between the words ‘Voodoo’ and ‘burrofá’ (folk demon dancer from one of Peru’s regions). One of the most interesting and valuable characteristics of Vudufa’s music is the large amount of sound resources they use to prepare a unique sonic experience on each of their releases – this includes charango (Andean stringed instrument), quijada (dried donkey jawbone), vocal hooks from cumbia selvática and much, much more.