Exclusive Mixtape: w0w cZ

Luca Wowczyna, aka w0w cZ kicks off October with an exclusive rave-heavy mix, explaining that “I miss the club. In this mix, I looked towards the people and the lust to return to their escape… My recent work and creative life revolve around editorial fashion styling and art direction, collecting an archive of clothing, learning to tattoo, hosting parties, and finally, DJing. DJing brings out an alter ego, it’s an escape from the mundanities of day to day life and the harsh reality of the world.” 

“I call my alter ego w0w cZ. w0w cZ specializes in weird dark techno, gabber, and other similar hardcore genres. I find it important to portray emotion through music, while also creating a medium for people to escape life with me and have true limitless fun, before returning to life as a wage slave to society. Unfortunately, COVID has left this practically impossible to many DJ’s and part-time ravers. Thank you to KALTBLUT for giving me this platform to share the feeling.” 

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Artist photos
Styling – Luca Wowczyna
Photos – George Vicary
Clothing – Per Götesson
Assistant – Callum Baylis

Mix Artwork/Graphic Design
George Vicary