Exclusive Mixtape: Whitesquare

Sounds for the weekend! This week we have a special mixtape from Rome- native, Whitesquare. From the birth of his career in 2012, Whitesquare has been championed by many successful DJs and producers. The newest signing to the Leeds imprint and 2020 Vision family, Whitesquare marks a shift in direction for both label and artist with ‘Peaks.’This week he’s put together some of his favourite tracks in the form of an hour long mix!

The release of ‘Peaks’ signifies more than a few beginnings; the start of summer, a change in production values for Whitesquare and a re-branding of the label. ‘Peaks’ pure and euphoric 4 tracks of melodic, deep and emotive house and techno effortlessly bridges these gaps. Both A-sides ‘Someone Else’ and ‘About The Past’ are characterised by a mellow lyricism that progresses into steady dance floor cuts. Whilst, B-side ‘Abraxas’ and ‘Peaks’ shift gear into deeper techno territory, containing a darker agenda, swirling into compelling compositions in their own right. The union between Whitesquare and 2020 Vision seems like a perfect fit and with more releases in the pipeline, this is certainly only the beginning.