Exclusive Playlist: Airøspace

Airøspace is a US born hip-hop artist who elevates his raps into an outrageous experience drenched in sweat and tears. As a rapper who describes his audience as human robots, the sonic aesthetic he engineers into his tracks take the hip-hop genre into unforeseen and exciting new territories. His recent ‘Analogues’ tape is an expansive eight-track EP with an emphasis on instrumental appreciation. Utilizing twinkling piano and crashing 808s into insightful and studied compositions. Get ready to feel a lil’ bit nasty, and a bit lil’ gangster with his raw and expressive exclusive mixtape for KALTBLUT magazine.

About the mix
“Every song for me is a landmark – a way for me to keep track of my own progress as a person. These songs show some of the most pure forms of expression bathed in lyrics and warmed by the melodies of the music“