Exclusive Playlist: Shelter Point

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s also the season to (unintentionally, of course) hammer it on your Christmas work do, forgetting what exactly your limits are with boxes of Lidl wine on tap. With that in mind, Nottingham based Shelter Point have created their very own, step by step, ‘Knowing When To Leave The Afterparty – Volume I’ playlist for KALTBLUT, including DJ Koze, Deejay Astral, and Taz Arnold to name a few. Check out more of the lad’s boozy adventure and their slick new single, ‘Velvet’, below.

1. Grant – The Limit
I’ve just opened the door to a darkened room only lit by a phone screen attached to an aux cable. Theres a few people I know and some I don’t. Some I’ve only met tonight. I’m clutching a blue off-license bag full of red wine and rolling papers.

2. Soichi Terade – Hohai Beats
I get familiar with my surroundings and look for the exit points. I head to the kitchen and find some suitable glasses. Is it okay to smoke indoors?​

3. DJ Koze – Burn With Me
There’s a guy here wearing sunglasses who keeps misquoting Family Guy, he seems friendly enough but he could be considered a bit too loud for this environment. Nobody else seems to notice him.

4. Deejay Astral – Aquamarine
I find a comfortable place to sit and I’m asked four times by the same person if I had a good night. I open my first bottle of wine. Someone passes me a joint.

5. Taz Arnold – The Telephone Call (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Somebody puts an episode of Teletubbies on. Things are starting to get weird.

6. René Narjera – Seein You
Have you got any Rizla? Can I nick a filter? Is that your baccy? What’s your name again mate? Sound. You have a good night?

7. Tristen – Orbit
Who’s house is this anyway? Do people live here? I finish my second bottle of red wine and begin to feel tired. I should think about leaving soon. My guy has stopped answering his phone.

8. Dorisburg – Trust
I stumble to the bathroom and check my reflection in the mirror, I don’t dare check the time. There’s an area of mould around the sink. Think my phone just died too. I asked around for a charger and found one. There’s surge pricing on Uber so I can’t even leave yet if I wanted too.​

9. Shea – Delta Royale
The buses will probably start running again soon. Where are my keys? Did I let someone borrow them? I ask the guy wearing sunglasses and he lifts up the sofa cushion to revel a stash of keychains and wallets from other guests. No hard feelings mate. Sit back down. Found em’.

10. Birds Ov Paradise – Revelator
Right I’m heading off, Is that your baccy? Can I roll one? Cheers. I’ve got work in 20 minutes. Safe.

‘Velvet’ is the latest single from Shelter Point