Exclusive Playlist: Tallisker

Time for a fresh selection of music from Tallisker, the DIY solo project of Eléonore Melisande. Mixing Victorian and baroque stylings with trap & rave aesthetics, Melisande is duly inspired by Björk, Woodkid and HudMo. With a super-icy, electronic sound that – combined with piercing, careful vocals – brings to mind the kind of sparkling production acts like Skott, Banks and Andrea Balency are noted for. “Girls girls girls. There are so many talented female producers all over the world. But I had to pick 10 only. So I have chosen female producers: 1. Who have that one special thing that makes you tell it’s their sound after 10 seconds. 2. Who are self-made women. 3. Who take risks and struggle to create new aesthetics, new languages.”


Santigold – ‘Freak Like Me’ 
I forgot about MIA the day I discovered Santigold. Creator changed my life: «Tell me know I say Yes I Was Chosen and I Will Deliver the Explosion ». Sums up the punchy, playful and fiery temper that makes her so recognizable and unique.

Holly Herndon – ‘Chorus’
More than a producer, she’s a sound artist. Holly Herndon’s work, that I would qualify as “brainy and experimental” is never boring, always super expressive and captivating, with puzzling pieces of sound you have no idea how they were crafted.

Nidia Minaj – ‘Abusos’
Her stage name itself questions identities. She has nothing to do with Nicki Minaj, she just loves baffling and luring people by playing with cultural codes. She is from everywhere and she will take you everywhere.

Jlin – ‘Unknown Tongues’
Amazing producer and amazing music video! Totally addictive.

Julianna Barwick – ‘Anjos’
You could think she’s just one more romantic composer who uses a lot of reverb. But dig deeper and listen to all of her tracks. You will find the ghostly, complex and forward-thinking soul of Julianna behind the tenderness of her arrangements.

Imogenheap – ‘Wait It Out’
Love Imogen her since the 1st time I heard Let Go (she was FrouFrou by then). Still admire her and particularly her faithful and passionate relationship with technology. She involves herself in so many projects to take live-looping and live performances to another level.

Gazelle Twin – ‘Anti Body’
My latest crush. Love the creepy vocals, the hypnotic beat and the way she makes the blue hoodie her thing. Very smart. See what’s next.

Rebekah – ‘The Saint’
Rebekah is brief, minimal and un-excessive. But it works. You can only guess how much self-confidence and strength it takes to craft such powerful and vertical sounds. I’m sure the crowds go nuts wherever she mixes her stuff.

A-wa – ‘Habib Galbi’ (Deena Abdelwahed Remix)
She may be just what France needs at the moment. Making that magic synergy happen between traditional, almost-sorcerous Arabic tunes and psychedelic, intimate electronic textures is highly symbolical and beautiful.

Björk – Triangle Records Birthday DJ set
Rather than a Björk track – that all of us already know – I picked-up the DJ-set she made for the Triangle Records Birthday. It reveals, once again, Björk’s finest sensitivity and highly eclectic tastes. She’s a real master producer.