Exclusive Playlist: Weslee

Getting you ready for the week is a strong selection of favourite tracks from glitchy-electro-soul duo Weslee. After a cryptic track entitled ‘Gassed’ appeared on the end credits of popular FX comedy series ‘You’re The Worst’ last September, the Shazam-sphere was set alight, amassing over 5,000 Shazams in record time. That highly sought-after track was from a mysterious, faceless duo called Weslee. And now, we’ve had the chance to find out what lurks behind those musical minds, with Tracy Chapman, Lauryn Hill, Prince and Frank Ocean being just a few of the artists selected for their playlist with additional exclusive commentary.

Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
She is voice goals and her story telling is emotive af. Like, I remember being a child, knowing nothing about life, but listening to Fast Car still made sense to me.

Nothing Even Matters – Lauryn Hill
This song probably has one of the best duets ever – like, how can Hill and D’Angelo be on a song together?! It’s just not fair but I’m happy exists. (Also voice goals).

Retrograde – James Blake
Because he’s a boss.

Perfect Ruin (piano version) – Kwabs
We had that shit on repeat, from the song to the video. We just think it’s a well thought-out piece of work. (Listening to it now haaa) warehouse with the piano on repeat. Voice goals.

Pink Matter – Frank Ocean
If you don’t like Frank Ocean then I don’t like you. This song has the drop of all drops. Voice goals.

Jesus Is Waiting – Al Green
Nostalgia. High as fuck in Kansas. In high school. Voice goals.

Always Be My Baby – Mariah Carey
This song taught Emma (one half of Weslee) how to swim with no hands. When I was a bubba I wanted to dance like MJ and sing like Mariah, so… Life goals.

Controversy – Prince
Try not to dance… but really any Prince song. All goals.

Earth Wind And Fire – September
You can play this song anywhere and you’re guaranteed to get the party started! Also a karaoke go-to joint.

Tweet – Oops (Oh My)
Don’t ask stupid questions.

Gassed it out now, you can get it below